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Anti-gun activists denounce ABC's 'The View' for featuring Dana Loesch

TheBlaze TV’s Dana Loesch is scheduled to appear as a guest host on ABC's The View Monday, to the dismay of many in the anti-Second Amendment crowd, who have been attacking the popular women's talk show through social media.

The Blaze TV's Dana Loesch
Wikimedia Commons

As reported by Anthony Martin of the Examiner, Loesch criticized ABC’s “Young Guns” for portraying child fatalities due to accidental shootings as an "epidemic" despite statistics, as discussed by Jason Howerton of The Blaze.

Loesch said in part,

“I mean if we’re going to be afraid of things, let’s be afraid of that which actually exists in reality, not some pistol boogeyman born of a gun phobia.”

Anti-gun group "Moms Demand Action" founder Shannon Watts tweeted that Loesch is a "gun bully" who will "mislead about how guns make women, children safer to make $$," as reported at Twitchy.

Loesch responded,

The criticism for Loesch did not end there, however.

Justin Berrier of the progressive organization Media Matters lamented,

"The decision to give Loesch a national platform on a highly-rated television show is troubling considering Loesch has gained notoriety for her inflammatory rhetoric, expressing extreme views on topics from gun control to reproductive access."

Whoopi Goldberg of The View felt compelled to respond to fans who were criticizing the move.

Actress Elizabeth Perkins also chimed in with her disapproval.

Several tweeters claimed that Loesch was paid by the National Rifle Association:

Popular conservative commentator Wayne Dupree wrote about the response to Dana's upcoming appearance on The View on his website yesterday, saying in part,

"This concerns me for many reasons. Obviously, I fully admit my bias in that Dana Loesch is someone I admire and respect a great deal. But what I find most disturbing is this consistent and pervasive pattern, this culture of intolerance from the left. The hypocrisy is appalling and I for one, will call it out as often and as loudly as I possibly can."

Dupree told the Examiner that Dana Loesch and her husband, Chris Loesch, "believe in God, country, family and loyalty." Loesch is someone to admire, he said, for standing up for her beliefs, and "someone that younger females who want to be strong in their households can look up to."

Dupree tweeted his support, as well.

The hashtag #IStandWithDana illustrated that Dana's supporters far outweigh her outraged critics.

Loesch is no stranger to haters, but she makes the best of it, with hilarious results as evidenced at this must-see video posted at IJ Review.

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