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Anti-gay Protestor Fred Phelps dies at age 84

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Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps, died in Kansas yesterday of natural causes according to a spokesperson from the church.

The Westboro church was known widely for their anti-gay picketing of concerts, military funerals, and other public events involving the LBGT community. Pictures of the church’s children holding signs with offensive slogans like, “God curses the troops,” have been circulating the internet for years.

Having died in hospice around 11p.m. Wednesday, Phelps will be remembered by the public for a picture in which he held two propaganda signs like Moses with the Ten Commandments. One sign read, “God hates fags,”; the other read, “Fags die God laughs.”

A press release by the national Gay and Lesbian Task Force called Phelps “hurtful and offensive.” They also said that the LBGT community won’t miss him.

CNN reported that the Westboro Baptist Church, founded in 1955, took its memberships mostly from family members of Phelps through “blood and marriage”.

Westboro church took their ideals all the way to the Supreme Court in 2011. The court upheld the group’s right to picket at military funeral because of free speech. Since then, congress has passed laws to keep protestors a distance away from funerals.