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Anti-environmentalists antagonize with rolling coal trucks

There are environmentalists and there are those who advocate for sensible energy usage, and finally then there is the new "rolling coal" truckers. As seen in the video above, posted today via Daily Digest News, a group of anti-environmentalists are now specially outfitting their trucks to spew massive amounts of exhaust. Not only that, but the truckers are also seeking out Prius drivers, bikers, and pedestrians to make a statement by "rolling coal" on those who dare to care about the air they breath.

As outline in a report for WSB-TV Atlanta, the truckers modify their vehicles to purposefully consume more gas than necessary, thereby building up huge amounts of exhaust. The exhaust is then released in a cloud either on the side or back of the truck, whichever direction the exhaust pipe is pointed. Some trucks exhaust is directed upwards. In some cases these vehicle modifications an cost as much as $5,000.

As seen in the video, the truckers purposefully seek out those they view as environmentally friendly and then rev their engines to create a black cloud. In some cases pedestrians and bikers undoubtedly were forced to inhale the diesel fuel exhaust, which, as pointed out by the Huffington Post, can have a variety of negative health effects. In some cases the truckers subject themselves to the toxic cloud, with some members putting their heads directly over an exhaust pipe while the fumes are pushed out.

In cities where cars have to pass emissions standards the trucks would surely violate the law. However, in rural areas it is not clear if there is any law which regulates the exhaust emissions from small trucks such as these. Intentionally spewing the toxic smoke onto others may constitute assault in many jurisdictions.

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