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Anti-Drugs advocate: One Direction concert in Manila should be cancelled

One Direction
One Direction
YouTube/video screenshot/One Direction

The British boy band "One Direction" will be in Manila for the second time next year, based on a posted article of ABS-CBN News this morning, June 1, 2014, "One Direction" will be having a two-night concert on March 2015. The group has already had a successful concert in Manila, but due to some circumstances, their devoted fans and supporters got wild because they were not able to enter the venue due to rapid ticket sales during that night.

Many of them were disappointed; they said they should be given the chance to see their idols in Manila next year. After a few weeks, the organizers revealed that the British boy band is scheduled to meet their fans and supporters in Manila on March 21 and 22, 2015, they added that they will prioritize the group's disappointed fans and supporters.

Tickets are prized from Php1, 500 for general admission to Php17, 950 for VIP. After reading the report, devoted fans of "One Direction" took to their social media accounts and expressed their happiness and willingness to buy their tickets, but while many of them are expressing their feelings for the two-night concert of the popular British boy band, some people are calling the attention of the government to stop the show next year.

Their controversial decision comes after a video of Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik smoking what they called a joint went viral on social media. Reports are suspecting that the video clip was filmed by Louis Tomlinson in Peru during the group’s South America leg.

Reports added that the two member of the British boy band were heard joking about illegal substance as they smoke at the back of the car. As of this morning, the popular group and the organizers of their scheduled concert in Manila next year are keeping their silence regarding the issue despite the circulation of the report.