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Anti-diabetic benefits of ‘sea grape’.

Diabetes: a global health problem.

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  • A Potent anti-hyperglycemic: green seaweeds.

We already know that all seaweeds reduce significantly body weight gain. But supplemental benefits of the seas treasure are less known. Various plant extracts have proven anti-diabetic aids. They are considered as a promising substitution for anti-diabetic drugs.

  • Healthy and healing value of edible algae.

Caulerpa lentillifera

These green algae are a favorite in Japanese cuisine. They look like raisins or green caviar and is known as ‘raisins de la mer’ or ‘sea grape’. It has a soft and succulent texture.

  • Caulerpa lentillifera contain multiple components. The green alga contains polysaccharides, sterols, vitamin C, tocopherol, fatty acids, amino acids, high dietary fibers, minerals and trace minerals that not only bring additional healthy nutritional value to the algae but also may help diabetic patients lower their glycemic index.

Arthrospira or Spirulina versicolor, an edible microorganism, has also shown anti-diabetic activity.

The study was published in the journal of food medicine, January 2014

  • Extracts prepared from Caulerpa lentillifera and Spirulina versicolor showed the most potent anti-hyperglycemic activity among the tested algae.
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