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Anti-coke sentiments energize Russian protests against USA

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Russians have not joined together to so aggressively in protest of the United States since the Cold War era. Now coke has added life to the Russian protests reported Al Jazeera on June 4, 2014. A group of Russian activists known as “food patriots” have been blowing up bottles of coke across Moscow as part of a high spirited protest against the United States.

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Pictures and videos which have been uploaded on VK, which is Russia’s version of Facebook, show dozens of young protesters wearing shirts with slogans like “Defend our children from overseas poison” and “I refuse Cola for Russia, I’ll drink to your health in kvass instead.” Russians in support of the activist group Food Patriotism say there is a corrosive nature of coke that is synonymous with U.S. capitalism. They claim the coke is actually hurting their stomachs, particularly among Russian kids.

On the VK page of Food Patriotism there is a call for a boycott of certain U.S. food products. It has been stated by this group that they are all consumers and they can vote with their rubles against the various products of their ideological opponents. They are zeroing in on Coke because they see its signature, the red-labeled bottle, as being the unrivaled international symbol which represents Western-led globalization. Russian demonstators outside the U.S. Embassy this week have carried posters also rallying against Pepsi as well as McDonald's and other U.S. conglomerates.

A Russian youth group has been urging Russians to stop drinking Coca-Cola as an act of protest against sanctions the US has imposed because of the Ukraine crisis reports the BBC. The Russian protestors have placed slogans on T-shirts asking their countrymen to simply say no to coke and to defend their kids from overseas poison. This is all pretty serious stuff. It appears that in the private sector there should be aggressive initiatives to keep relations between Russia and the United States from dangerously eroding any further. There would be no winners in a literal war between Russia and the United States during this nuclear era wherein the entire planet would probably be destroyed by any such war.