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Anti-Bullying resources for families in New Hampshire

Learn to identify Bullying
Learn to identify Bullying
Gabriella Fabbri/SXC

Bullying is an old concept, but it frequently finds its way into today's hot topics. Schools send information in the handouts kids bring home from school and post it on schools' websites. It is in the news, as in last Tuesday's death of Jasmine Rogers of Plainsfield. Bullying concepts are also made accessible by children's programming, such as the special episode of Sesame Street, "The Good Bird's Club," which will first air October 18 at 9:30AM on NH Prime.

But, bulling is difficult to specifically define. This makes it difficult to help kids identify the line between normal social behavior and bullying.

Luckily, several organizations in New Hampshire are trying to make this easier for NH families. These include:

  • the UNH Cooperative Extension, that provides bullying resources specifically for parents and schools;
  • the Concord based law firm of Gallagher, Callahan, and Gartrell, who provide legal interpretations of the NH Bullying Law for parents and school districts;
  • NH Bully Watch, an online site dedicated to providing information to families and kids, and;
  • NH Public Television, which provides families and schools with a variety of resources to help everyone understand bullying, how it affects kids, and what to do if it happens.


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