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Anti-bullying message hijacked to promote homosex agenda

The homosexual political movement is quite good at creating slick propaganda to promote their very controversial agenda. It is controversial for very good reason, because a significant percentage of the population believes that homosexuality is a very unnatural, wrong, and/or immoral choice and they do not want their children taught about it in the government schools their children attend. While no one supports bullying of children by others, for any reason, few seem realize how sneaky the homosexual movement is in sneaking their agenda into anti-bullying messages. Such is the case of the alleged story about a note left by a “linebacker with two dads” that has recently gone viral online.

Note allegedly left by "linebacker with two dads"

The typed note, show above, that was allegedly left by the “linebacker with two dads” to a boy that was allegedly bullying the “openly gay boy” in class, is pictured above as it was posted on a pro-homosex blog called where this story was covered. The note read, “Dear kid bullying the only openly gay boy in class, I dare you to lay a finger on him. Sincerely, The linebacker with two amazing dads.”

Where the article quoted it, they appear to have added the word gay before dads.

The story about this note doubts the authenticity of the note, suggesting, “There doesn’t appear to be a source and there are a lot of details that make it seem fake,” suggesting that because it's typed and other issues it is “too good to be true” but yet the author of the blog article concludes, “even if it’s not real, it still made me smile.”

It doesn't make anyone smile that believes this is part of the overall trend of teaching bad values to children and defining deviancy down, to the point where that which is not moral is taught as moral while morality and values are chased out of government run schools. Remember, we live in politically correct and perverse times when it's okay, and promoted, to have Gay Pride Day in the government run schools but The Bible, The Ten Commandments, and Christmas are “offensive” to someone and are banned.

The first problem with this story is the one most will miss, the acceptance without question that there would be an “openly gay boy” among school children. While some with political agenda disagree because of them, I maintain that sexual preference (the word implies it) is a choice and it is also an adult choice. The reason we have age of consent laws is to protect children from the consequences of adult decisions being made to early, and to protect them in living their childhood as children, so they can mature properly before taking on the responsibilities of adulthood. One of those includes choosing one's sexual preference. It is not coincidence that both pedophiles and their advocates (such as NAMBLA – the North American Man Boy Love Association) and the more “mainstream” homosexual movement both advocate undercutting those concepts by recognizing and supporting the choice of children, supposedly, to be homosexuals. I don't believe children are homosexuals unless adults recruit them into it, and I don't buy the argument they are born as such. They are not, and there is no valid and legitimate science that proves any was born inherently homosexual.

The reason the homosexual movement MUST promote this agenda among young children is quite simply an issue of recruiting, and it's the only way they can continue to promote homosexuality as an equal, normal, and respectable lifestyle choice because no one is born homosexual. They choose that lifestyle, and either choose it when they become aware of it as adults, or more likely, they are recruited into it as teenagers by adult homosexuals. This agenda of recruitment is not only the reason this agenda is so heavily promoted in government run schools, it is also the reason for creating the so-called “gay-straight clubs” that are used to recruit teenagers into homosexuality.

Additionally, the mention of the “linebacker” having two dads, and the addition by the blogger that they are gay dads, is further promoting of the normalizing of homosexuality. The desire by this movement is to normalize homosexuality and homosexual parents while demonizing as oppressive and traditional the standard form of marriage they seek to have labeled “traditional” marriage, which is that between one woman and one man.

There are many reasons by intelligent and reasonable people can oppose homosexuality without being motivated by hate or “homophobia.” Many believe the homosexuality is not based on the natural function of the human body and therefore is a sexual lifestyle that itself is not natural, or given the rise of associated sexually-transmitted diseases, it not healthy either. Additionally, many believe that The Bible counsels that homosexuality is immoral and should not be practiced. One that believes homosexuality is a sin does not hate the homosexual, but remains opposed to what is regarded as sinful behavior and can still love the individual while opposing the sin that person practices. This is not hate. If you have a family member who announces they are homosexual, that doesn't force you to accept it or agree with it and no longer regard it as wrong. You can still love and respect the person as a family member or friend while regarding his/her lifestyle choice as immoral, sinful, wrong, or unnatural and unhealthy.

But the homosexual movement is seeking eradicate any disagreement with their agenda and lifestyle choices, and stamp out any other ideas about these issues. This is why the movement seeks to make everyone not simply tolerate but accept and condone homosexuality as just as normal as heterosexuality. Increasingly, the movement is using propaganda in the government schools and other means of promotion of their agenda to force their view on everyone else.

As long as this trend continues, your freedom of choice and your right to believe as you wish, on homosexuality and other issues, is very much in danger. The movement for political correct won't stop until everyone is bullied into compliance.

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