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Anti-aging for your hair

Anti-aging for your hair

Some people love going gray naturally, but others feel it's too much of a reminder that they're getting older. In fact, covering gray is a leading reason why women color their hair. Aging hair has complex needs. It is more unruly than younger hair and can also be coarse, frizzy and harder to color.

What causes hair to turn gray? explains, "Research shows that hair turns gray as a result of a chemical chain reaction that causes hair to bleach itself from the inside out. The process starts when there is a dip in levels of an enzyme called catalase. That catalase shortfall means that the hydrogen peroxide that naturally occurs in hair can't be broken down. So hydrogen peroxide builds up in the hair, and because other enzymes that would repair hydrogen peroxide's damage are also in short supply, the hair goes gray."

Clairol to the rescue

Clairol developed a solution to women’s aging hair care struggles with its new Expert Age Defy Collection. The three-step color system softens the texture of hair and changes the surface of the hair fibers, making it easier to get the colorant through hair. "Age Defy is Clairol’s most advanced color formula that goes beyond 100 percent gray coverage, providing long-lasting, brilliant color that will make your hair look 10 years younger compared to untreated hair," says Clairol Color Director James Corbett.

Clairol gets the stats

"Out of the women we talked to, an overwhelming 91 percent have gray hair – whether a little or all of their hair – and while women share different viewpoints of what gray says about them, half of all of the women agreed gray hair did make them look old (47 percent). Not only did they say it made them feel old, but 80 percent of women said it made them feel unattractive," says Aging Expert Dr. Vivian Diller.

In their research, Clairol found that 61 percent of women said they hadn’t considered using anti-aging products on their hair with the majority of women, 93 percent, saying that they never thought about it (57 percent) or didn’t know the product existed (36 percent).

Fight seven signs of aging hair

Clairol’s formula turns back the clock on aging hair. Age Defy provides 100 percent gray coverage and beautiful color to resistant grays, for softer, smoother and more vibrant hair than before.

Clairol Expert Age Defy fights 7 signs of aging hair:

  • frizz
  • coarseness
  • stubborn grays
  • unruly hair
  • lackluster hair
  • dryness
  • breakage

The Pretreatment Texturizing Cream softens hair before coloring, making it easier to get colorant through hair and the Crème Color Formulation is tailored for gray hair coverage, going deep into hair fiber for optimal gray coverage. Pro-V™ ColorSeal Conditioning Therapy helps lock in color and keep hair soft and shiny.

Age Defy is available in 12 shades wherever health and beauty products are sold.

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