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Anti-Aging Father's Day Gifts for Dad Part One

While MANLY gifts like electronic gadgets, beef jerky and golf balls are usually at the top of Dad's wish list every Father's Day, men are becoming more and more welcoming to receiving and using personal care and anti-aging products than ever before.

Age Defying Daily Wash by Skin Authority.  I hear a little goes a long way.
Whattaya get for Dad on Dad's Day?

Your hubby or boyfriend might've snooped around and dipped into your night cream or sunscreen in the past, but now dudes are daring to get their own skin products. (It's another problem entirely if your dude is snagging your lipgloss or eyeliner, but I digress.)

Let's face it: every guy needs to protect their skin from the harmful and harsh effects of sun, aging, lifestyle, and the environment. Why not give him a "nudge" in the right direction with a Father's Day gift for their face?

Skin Authority CEO Celeste Hilling says "The days of men grabbing products from their wife’s counter are over. There is no longer a negative stigma to men taking steps to look better or younger."

For Father's Day, and for the he-man who's just starting to take better care of his skin, Skin Authority recommends a basic to any morning routine - Age Defying Daily Wash. For guys who like to keep it simple, use it in the shower. Key ingredients are Alpha Hydroxy Acid (derived from sugar cane), and Coconut Oil Extracts. This is a dual action clean gel formula that removes dirt and oil and preps skin for shaving. It even kills bacteria to reduce inflammation and razor bumps.

Contains no parabens, formaldehydes, dyes, added fragrances, or animal testing. $32.00 for 6 ounces.

Does your guy need to "step up his shave?" Try Skin Authority's Age Defying Shave Serum. This serum is infused with powerful anti-aging oxidants and a unique ingredients that lift the hair shaft (raise the beard) and not the skin for an ultra-close, irritation free shave. $32.00 for 6 ounces.

One man's comment about Skin Authority products:

"The only problem with the products is I'm afraid of looking too young! No one will take me seriously!"

Welcome to OUR world, men! (The part of about not being taken seriously -- I don't think ANY of us are afraid of looking too young.)

Get $20.00 off your first online order when you register to be a SKIN AUTHORITY INSIDER.

For AFTER shaving and to tighten pores, consider another great line called Aubrey Organics and their Men's Stock City Rhythms After Shave 4 oz. for $9.98. This is going to protect your guy's face from razor burn and irritation with flaxseed lignans—clinically proven to balance oil production and reduce skin bumps.

No razor burn or bumps? Why, that's not only a gift for HIM, it's a gift for YOU. So it's a WIN-WIN entirely.

Aubrey's aftershave is available in 3 great natural scents—Spice Island, North Woods & City Rhythms. City Rhythms is a clean, sophisticated scent, with hints of cedar and sandalwood. You can even skip the shave and use as a cologne.

What people are saying about Men's Stock City Rhythms After Shave:

"It's boombastic!"

And for those of us who remember typewriters, no internet and a time when reality shows did NOT exist, boombastic means "fantastic, extremely attractive, and sexually arousing." All THAT for under ten bucks.

Stay tuned for Part Two of Fabulous Father's Day gifts featuring gifts that can extend your Dad's life, and nope I don't mean cryonic suspension.

And please check out in the SUGGESTED LINKS area, my article from last year's Father's Day where I talk about a timeless gift for men: Ball Ironing.

Have a Boombastic Father's Day!

~The Anti-Aging Analyst

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