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Anthropologie: Secrets of the sale rack

Follow the signs
Follow the signs
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One thing every bride-to-be knows is, don’t even try on gowns that aren’t in your price range— why put yourself through the pain of falling in love with something you can never afford? The same rule applies for non-wedding shopping trips: if budget is an issue, don’t even go into an expensive store because you’ll just end up sad and disappointed that you can’t buy anything. Right? Right.  Well, most of the time at least. There is a time to break that rule and that’s when a sale is involved. Sales are usually just a ploy to get you and your purse into a store and hopefully while you’re in there, you’ll get suckered into buying tons of other, non-sale items. But if you are a strong-willed person and can head straight to the sale racks while bypassing all the regularly-priced clothing, then you should definitely check out Anthropologie.   

Anthropologie is full of very cute clothes but not exactly a bargain shopper’s dream, tops can go for upwards of $200 and I’ve seen skirts for much more than that. So one might assume that their sale racks are probably of the “10% off selected items” ilk. I don’t know who is in charge of marking things down at this place, but they truly slash prices: on a recent trip there, I saw pants with a regular price of $220 that were down to $60 and other, comparable deals. Also, their sale section is giant and full of everything from shoes to scarves. So, keep an open mind when it comes to sales and give higher-priced stores a shot – just make sure you have your blinders on until you reach that sale section.  

Anthropologie at the Grove

6301 W. 3rd St. S. 

Los Angeles, CA