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Anthony Weiner: The Passion Democrats Need


Anthony Weiner, U.S. House of Representatives

Democrats are largely referred to as bleeding heart liberals, among more profane names. They are thought to lack voracity, and are largely more peaceful and calm than their Republican counterparts. This wasn't always this way, and it was largely because most Democrats had a fire in them like Anthony Weiner, pictured. Weiner is a member of the United States Congress, specifically the House of Representatives, from New York. He has served in the House for over ten years, and has fought for his district's best interests ever since. He is known as one of the most intense and demanding Congressmen on the Hill, and is known for his tendency to sometimes refrain from political correctness, and always speaks his mind.

He recently made the news where he is overtaken by righteous anger towards Republicans who denied health coverage to 9/11 responders, shouting at them, and accusing them of being cowards, and having their arms wrapped around each other instead of doing the right thing. Anthony Weiner is a Democrat that all on the left side of the aisle should model themselves after, at least in regards to his passion for the issues. Imagine, if Obama was as audacious. If Biden was. Either way, Democrats need to reclaim the passion and the fire that they have lost over the years, trying to be complacent. You can see the video of Anthony Weiner's address to the House below.


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