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Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza does it right


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It's Friday night in Fort Lauderdale, mid-December, and the roads are wet due to heavy rains earlier that day. Cold weather is creeping in, and the night doesn’t seem conducive for anything fancy; just a low-key spot with good food would suffice. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza is such a place. It’s cozy and unpretentious, specializing in brick oven baked pizza, oven roasted wings, and now a new addition to their menu, brick oven roasted spare ribs. The wait to get seated is never really more than 10 minutes on a busy night, and the staff is always accommodating, not to mention friendly. It can seem franetic, but it’s understandable given the busy environment, with a kitchen in overdrive to meet the demands of the salivating guests, as well as honoring delivery orders. Regardless, it adds to the personality of the restaurant, and injects great energy into its mood.

Though pizza is what’s primarily celebrated at Anthony’s, together with their oven roasted wings (a must have), the menu also has other quick Italian favorites, like Calzones and Focaccia Sandwiches. Their Italian salad is simple, but the dressing accentuates it to a degree of unmeasured appreciation. This salad comes with olives, eggs, Garbanzo Beans, lettuce, celery and tomatoes. You can opt to have the salad minus some of the aforementioned; you can request crumbled Gorgonzola, which, together with the dressing, gives the salad a nice punch.

Anthony’s is not a place where décor is a priority. The layout is simple; the food is the focus. It can be noisy, since it does also cater to folks interested in watching televised sporting events. An intimate dinner setting it is not and doesn’t claim to be. Though the food is simple, it’s done well and with consistency. A cold beer with either pizza, wings, or spare ribs, will hit the spot. Try it out! Disappointment is unlikely!

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza is the brainchild of Anthony Bruno. The pizza establishment is an offshoot of his popular Italian restaurant, Anthony’s Runway 84, which, according to Danielle, waitress at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza located at 2203 South Federal Highway (U.S. 1) in Fort Lauderdale, Runway 84 has more of a “soul food” Italian flavor. Bruno’s first pizza restaurant debuted in Fort Lauderdale at 2203 South Federal Highway, and since then, the locations have multiplied, reaching as far as Las Vegas. In Broward County alone, there are 6 locations.

For more info: Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza 2203 South Federal Highway (U.S. 1)
Hours of operation: 11:30-10:00 p.m. (Sundays from 12:30-10:00p.m.)


  • dc661 5 years ago

    OMG - I love this place! Their meatball pizza is awesome!