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Anthony Davis snubbed in NBA All-Star game to be played in New Orleans

Anthony Davis will not be playing in the All-Star game hosted in New Orleans this year.
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The only thing worse than being snubbed in the NBA All-Star game is when that game is being played in your own city. On Jan. 31, Sports Illustrated reported that Anthony Davis is not a part of the 2014 NBA All-Star team.

Anthony Davis has had a great year. The New Orleans Pelicans have not. That is likely the factor that disqualified Davis from playing as an All-Star in his own city.

The Pelicans have a dismal record this year of 19-26 despite coming off a pretty good start at the beginning of the season. Despite that, for the 2013-14 season Davis is averaging 20.4 ppg, 3.3 blocks, 1.5 steals and 10.4 rebounds. His stats for the last 10 games are even more impressive.

Analysts are arguing that his position at center just has too many great players. With Dwight Howard and Dirk Nowitzki as competition, he just didn't make the cut.

So basically Anthony Davis is great enough to be named to the U.S. Olympic team twice but not the All-Star team? Do you think this is right or should Davis have been playing that NBA All-Star game in New Orleans this year?

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