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Anthony D'Amico, artist getting ready to rumble

Regular amigo, Anthony D'Amico, is an artist who is preparing for a glass act.

Get your gold ticket now to see Anthony D'Amico, glass artist
Anthony D'Amico
Anthony D'Amico, artist getting ready to rumble
Donald Gray II

Apology not accepted. Anthony D’Amico talks with me sometimes. He said, “I don't consider myself an ‘artist’, just a guy that expresses his ideas. I have no formal training and I consider myself a direct product and prodigy of the school of hard knocks. I am not a guy that does ‘fluffy' speak about me or my work. I am not trying to brand myself or my work. I have not taken a photo since third grade. I am kind of camera shy. I use my dark sense of humor to function and interact in society and have my discomfort remain undetected. I say this to you because I respect you and know how much you love the arts. I am much akin to my medium of choice, glass. I will forever remain transparent, fragile and illuminate from within.”

Well, that’s a beautiful and transparent artist's statement, don’t you think?

A few years ago there was an article (one of thousands like it) that talks about the myth of needing an MFA to be a “real” artist”. Well, education helps in many ways because it expands knowledge, develops skills, and creates a peer context for reviewing work. Yet, there are many other ways to accomplish that. (See the link to the story below.)

Let’s begin by seeing some of his work. Here is Anthony in a video with two amigos, artists Javier Padilla and Jason Davis. They are seeing a giant yo-yo that is symbolically labeled “government” that is functioning as a gallows.

Need he say more?

Well, yes he has more and it is in a “manifesto.”

“Anthony D’Amico’s Glass Factory


With a new-found belief
that free-expression and unbridled creativity
is awaiting each of our futures, I call together an assembly
of the open-minded and huddled masses
that are yearning to gain freedom
from the established doctrines of mediocrity!
Hear ye hear ye!
Break free from the eyes of the older generation as they hold you in
This is a mysterious and magical place where you not only fit-in…
… you belong!
A place where you belong!
A place free from the strings and restrictions of the ties and bind!
A place where your still-so-secret inner-child will un-thaw,
un-freeze and un-wind!
A place where Big-Brother Government, Religion
and pop-culture “meh” programming… is under OUR scrutiny!
Did you hear correctly?
Yes, you DID!
OUR scrutiny!
Welcome, my dearest beloveds, to Anthony D’Amico’s… Amazing Glass
Come & explore the delicious treats,
the ultra-mysterious sweets
and sugar-rich confectionery feats of one magical Mr. Wonka!
(One magical Anthony D’Amico)!
Your hearts will race with your eyes & face as you explore the mind
(and factory) of the mysterious man,
the man who can (!)
the sturn and drang dreams,
and the vital visions of his exceptional explorations!
But be careful boys and girls:
We all know what happened to Veruca Salt and Augustus Gloop
when they ingested too much sweet….. he-he ha-ha ho-ho!
Mr. Wonka requests your most-esteemed presence at his glass factory.
Handmade g-o-l-d-e-n tickets will be presented in order to enter the
glass factory…
… each guest MUST follow protocol,
… and MUST have a ticket to enter.
In order to receive a ticket your mailing address is requested
(via a private message to Anthony D’Amico ASAP).
Five lucky platinum ticket holders will receive a one of a kind
“sucette de verre”
- a glass lollipop! – from Mr. Wonka (the one Anthony D’Amico)
This promises to be an event that will be long remembered!
One night and one night only.
One magical night in which questions will be asked…
Don’t be left wondering where you were when ART HAPPENED!
Please be a part of this amazing happening…
… and remember:
History is made by artists, at night, in mysterious rooms… (!)”

According to some of his fellow artists, Anthony is secretive about his art and agenda with the exception of a campaign to promote his manifesto. You must obtain a “Gold Ticket” to attend his studio gallery opening and that comes with a health hazard cautionary warning. If you are disabled or otherwise delicate, don’t bother.

“TEN MYTHS ABOUT ARTISTS#10: You Have to Go to Art School to Be a Real Artist

MYTH: You need an MFA to be a real artist!

REALITY: The real proof is in the work.

I couldn’t get into the art school at the university of my choice (The University of Michigan.) So maybe my attitude about art school is pure sour grapes.

On the other hand, the reasons I chose U of M seem pretty silly in 40 years in hindsight. My best friend, my first boy friend and my first crush all went there, and they said it was the best school in the world.

So I wanted to go there, too. I gave up going to other schools with art programs that had accepted me, just to be with the boy who dumped me four months later.

I hope I’m a little more sophisticated about my choices now. (But I’m probably not.)
I’ve come to believe it’s a good thing I didn’t go to art school there (or anywhere.) I may have been an artist sooner.”

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