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'Ant-Man' director finally chosen, Marvel hires Peyton Reed

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Marvel has finally found a new director for their 2015 “Ant-Man” movie. According to Latino Review on Saturday, Marvel has chosen Peyton Reed as their replacement for Edgar Wright. Wright quit the project just over two weeks ago.

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The “Ant-Man” director’s chair was a sore spot for Marvel as it is the first time their fans have turned on the studio since they started making their own Marvel Comics movies. Edgar Wright is a huge fan favorite, thanks to past movies such as “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz.” However, Wright was having problems getting the script that Marvel was happy with. When they hired someone else to re-write it, Wright felt it was not very good and quit the job as “Ant-Man” director.

With Wright gone, even some actors spoke out in disappointment. Michael Douglas, who plays Hank Pym in the movie, said that it was a big loss. Douglas also mentioned that Wright will be fine, saying that he is sure that he will return with a vengeance in his next movie.

Not only is Peyton Reed replacing Wright in the director’s chair, but Marvel has hired Adam McKay to re-write the script. This pretty much proves that the bad script that Marvel sent Wright still needed work. There is not much time left because the “Ant-Man” movie is set to hit theaters in July 2015.

Peyton Reed has never made anything on the level of a Marvel movie. His most popular hits are comedies such as “The Break Up” as well as the cheerleading movie “Bring it On.” Adam McKay is a regular collaborator with Will Ferrell and has written and directed movies like “Anchorman” and “The Other Guys.” Now that the “Ant-Man” director is in place, the movie can get underway. “Ant-Man” is set for a July 17, 2015 release date.