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Answer to a Request for Dating Advice


  • Doni 6 years ago

    good advice.

  • J. Glass 6 years ago

    You go girl!! sarah ur doing awesome!! that was truly awesome advice!!

  • confused 6 years ago

    i started talking to this guy about a year ago and we totally hit it off. we starting dating and as things got a little more serious, i fell more in love with him each day. he's been dealt a pretty crappy hand as far as relationships go. he told me that at one point in our "relationship" that had no official title, and was never declared exclusive, that he had thought about asking me to marry him. he then decided to tell me, in the same conversation, that the "spark" he once had for me is gone. only problem is... im still head over heals in love with him. we say i love you, he called me sweetheart and babe, etc. but has told me he wants to find love, and it's not with me, he wants me to still a best friend. im not trying to justify anything, but i feel like we are together so much that its almost hurt us in a sense that we dont have time to miss each other... i feel like if i give him a chance to miss me he might realize what he is missing out on. should i hold out hope or drop him?

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