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Arnold Schwarzenegger spoofs himself on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'

Jimmy Fallon has certainly breathed new life into "The Tonight Show" and with guests like Arnold Schwarzenegger, it is no surprise. On March 25, USA Today reported on some of the funniest moments from Schwarzenegger's Monday night visit to the show.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the latest guest on the highly successful "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Schwarzenegger fans young and old were reminded on Monday night of why the action star turned Governor of California turned right back into an action star is so popular in the first place. Arnold is organically funny. His presence might seem not so funny but he has a wit about him and his willingness to poke fun at himself make it impossible not to laugh.

One of the funniest skits of the evening was a QVC spoof. Fallon played the host and Schwarzenegger played himself. The pair were "selling" a Vitamix blender and a Slap Chop food chopper. During the Vitamix presentation, Arnold kept pushing to move to the chopper. Fans of Arnold in the 80's will remember the iconic line from the movie "Predator" where he says, "Let's get to the chopper!" Arnold repeated that line until he became so excited that he flipped the table over. When Fallon suggested taking a break, Arnold said, "I'll be back!" That is when the giggles turned into full laughter.

Arnold Schwarzenegger also told Jimmy Fallon how he was able to obtain a tank from Austria for his own personal collection. He did talk about how he uses the tank to smash things during fundraisers for after school programs. So far he says he has earned over $1 million for such programs. The story behind the tank is much more interesting though. A normal citizen obviously can't go purchase one so he had to have special permission from the United States government in order to receive the huge vehicle.

Who knew Arnold and Jimmy had a history together either? Fallon told a story about how Arnold taught him to smoke a cigar. Apparently there is a certain way to do it and Jimmy wasn't doing it right. Who else thinks it would be incredibly cool to hang out with Arnold and Jimmy Fallon for a cigar?

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