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Another year of great expectations for me and my Padres

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Check out the news lately? If so then you will need to sort through several categories to arrive at the department of interest to you. There will be one category containing the news which may or may not get the facts right regarding events which muster a strong readership and then there will be one pigeon hole for local stories which ought to aim to tell readers about all the events of their small geographical region where they spend most of their personal time. Beyond those two categories you can find exhaustive banners telling us what we should know about all things important from how to bake healthy dog cookies for your pets to who is coming to your area to play the guitar and sing for your pleasure. For me, I only know that it is nearly opening day at my Petco Park where my World Series bound San Diego Padres will play about half their games on the way to the series.

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Hope springs eternal can’t get much more certain than the feeling San Diegans currently have as their Aztecs march into the sweet 16 with the ambition to make it to the great 8 which makes perfect sense to me because we’ve been ranked in the top 10 for a good portion of this entire season. Vegas favors the Tigers for the American League favorite this year, but they’ve really missed the boat on the National League... I mean my Padres are currently at 60 to 1 odds! I’m already putting out feelers to buy my tickets.

Along the way to the series it’s all about the enjoyment we’ll have smelling the fresh cut grass; rotisserie hot dogs gathering steam; beers foaming to the top of our plastic cups. Listening for the crack of the bat as you slather on the mustard and look up to the TV providing a birds eye view of Headley crushing it to the stands in right field!

The only real question I have is where I will be spending most of my time during the march to October’s version of March Madness... I’d guess I’ll be at Petco for a good number of the matchups . Not being selected as the home game announcer means I won’t be in attendance for all the home games, instead I’ll probably head to Cali Comfort where I’ll enjoy a few pitchers of the 22 different brands of beer on tap.

See you at Petco for the 2014 World Series! Go Padres!