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Another Wisconsin Republican joins Democrats' war against American workers

State Rep. Garey Bies (1st) is the latest Republican from the Badger State to put the interests of people in the state illegally before those of jobless Wisconsinites.

Bies, a former police officer, said he would do whatever he could to help State Rep. JoCasta Zamarippa (D-8th) resurrect efforts to issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens.

Said Zamarippa, "I'm honored that Rep. Bies has agreed to support the bill because it's a bill, not about immigration, but about public safety."

Not about immigration? What's it's really about for both politicians is Hispanic votes, but neither have the courage to admit it and expect us to believe that old canard about "safer roads." Where is the evidence to support their argument?

Further, what about auto insurance? Given that illegal aliens earn very little, just where do you think buying expensive insurance would rank on their list of priorities? Even if they purchase it, there is nothing preventing them from not renewing it after 6 months.

What would the state do? Track them down and rescind the licenses? Not a chance! Why, illegal immigration advocates such as the ACLU and Voces de la Frontera would be scurrying through the halls of the state legislature screaming, "Discrimination!" and demanding to know how illegals would be able to get to work, take their kids to school, shop for groceries, etc., etc.,etc.

At a Feb. 19 press conference to announce Bies' capitulation to the cheap labor lobby, a middle-schooler in attendance among a group of illegal aliens complained, “Families get divided, workers get deported all because of something so basic.”

Which begs this question: Being a school day, was this student supposed to be in class? And why quote someone too young to drive in any case? Why not some of the illegal workers also present?

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