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Another winter storm is approaching, be aware

In Western Massachusetts, the temperatures are going to be extremely cold for the next week or so. Over the last several days, numerous records have been broken in the area. In some cases the temperatures have been recorded -20 degrees F.

Today the National Weather Service has issued a freezing rain advisory for most of the area. Furthermore national grid reports that the weather conditions may result in power outages. Texting this number will enroll you in National Grid's storm notification system so you can stay updated during the storm.

People with disabilities are more likely to have cold sensitivity due to issues of poor circulation and not moving around as much is typical. If this applies to you, be more aware of falling temperatures because you more than likely to suffer injury.

More tips for beating the cold:
1. Keep people and pets inside as much as possible because all living things can suffer frostbite. If it’s too cold for you it’s too cold for them, despite their fur.
2. Try to run errands at the high temperature points of the day.
3. Be mindful of your body’s signals.

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