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Another White House Plumber Scandal (SATIRE)

Plumbing the liberal way
Plumbing the liberal way

As many of you may know, I recently installed bugs throughout the working area of the White House. What I discovered was quite amazing. As time progresses, I will inform you of the newest findings.

Today’s story occured in the living quarters of the first family. There was a leak under the sink and the Obamas called a plumber. Unfortunately, when he was finished, there were leaks all over the place. Obama confronted the plumber, accusing him of making a bad situation worse. The plumber said “You don’t understand. I saved or created 23 pipes. Besides it’s G Gordon Liddy’s fault. I inherited this faulty plumbing.”

Obama became indignant. He shouted that the situation wasn’t nearly that bad when he started. The plumber handed Obama a letter from his wife saying that it was amazing the progress he had made but that he would need 4 more years to finish the job. He went on to explain that it was the plumbing supply company’s fault. he asked them for a new pipe made out of cardboard but they were only willing to give him one made of copper.

By now Obama was getting flummoxed. He pointed out that copper was much superior to cardboard, especially since it was going to carry water. The plumber agreed but explained that the supplier should have given him what he asked for and not what would work. Then the plumber said “This should be a lesson for you.” Obama replied that he didn’t understand what the plumber was talking about. A forlorn look crossed the plumber’s face as he said “That’s what I was afraid of.”