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Another wet floor after the recent rains? Floor Trader of Lawrence has answers.

Until now, a wet floor meant ruined or damaged floorcovering.  A miserable waste of time and money.
Until now, a wet floor meant ruined or damaged floorcovering. A miserable waste of time and money.

If you have wet floors after the recent heavy rains from Topeka to Kansas City (and beyond!) you probably have ruined floorcovering!  Until now, most floorcovering has not been made to withstand much moisture. I repeat… “Until now!”

This is a perfect time to check out waterproof flooring products at Lawrence’s Floor Trader. For years, the most affordable option for moisture-prone floors has been outdoor carpet. While it is waterproof, most of it also looked like it belonged on a football field. Not very decorative or comfortable. Now, there are waterproof carpets that look like carpet! Low profile, loop carpets in tweeds and graphic designs that can be installed with or without padding that adds décor to function. When choosing a padding for your carpet, Floor Trader has one that has a moisture barrier (not just a coating) on the top AND the bottom of it which repels moisture from penetrating the surface.

Another newer option is vinyl/fiberglass flooring. This product is on a roll 12 foot wide and can be installed easily with a utility knife and tape measure. In many cases, it can be installed without adhesive and simply rolled up in case you have a wet floor again. Let it dry, roll it back in place and you’re good as new!

One more new waterproof flooring product at Floor Trader is a 12”x12” porcelain tile that snaps together! REAL porcelain tile that is mounted on a plastic frame that just snaps together like building blocks. No mortar! It doesn’t attach to the floor so it’s not affected by moisture or hydrostatic pressure. Snap the tiles together, spread the pre-mixed grout and you’re done in no time!

I know a wet floor is a miserable, soggy surprise. With these new products at Lawrence’s Floor Trader, it doesn’t also have to be an expensive surprise! See them at Lawrence’s Floor Trader. 3000 Iowa St., Lawrence, KS 66046. 0% payment plans always available.

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