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Another way the wealthy don't actually pay taxes

“The wealthy must pay their fair share of taxes!”

Does this phrase sound familiar? If you pay attention to Minnesota politics, it especially should. It’s been the hallmark slogan of Democrat-Farmer-Labor Party gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton.

But does Dayton even realize how absurd and truly ignorant his famed one-liner is?

When somebody is repeatedly pushed around and bullied—such as by a supposedly “do-gooder” “government”—they eventually reach a breaking point at which they push back. The wealthy and taxation levied against them is no different. In fact, it’s likely that most wealthy—if they’re smart—pay no taxes at all, despite the electioneering rhetoric.

In the Bahamas, a real estate purchase of $500,000 or more gains you automatic residency there. As a Bahamian resident, you have access to their banks and may route all of your financial dealings though said banks.

And in this manner, the wise wealthy can avoid the IRS and virtually every other American government agency that demands a piece of everyone’s action. Americans such as Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, and many others maintain sizable homes in Nassau. High-rise condominium developments are being planned or built there to make this opportunity available for more people.

Perhaps more mysterious is the fact that leaders such as Mark Dayton would care to conduct these polarizing conversations and debates. They surely know that wealthy Americans find ways to shelter their assets and income; those in power know how pointless the discussions are. Yet they lead us into them anyway. Why?

The time has long since passed to abandon these “leaders” and seek out solutions…different solutions than what are frequently offered presently.


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