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Another washed up celebrity

There has never been a US president who liked to ham it up in Hollywood quite as much as Barack Obama. Celebrity writers usually like to stay in their own realm of expertise, yet the President, who is usually more of a “public figure,” than a Hollywood hottie, keeps his presence in the land of celebrity known.

Bracak Obama has made no secret that he loves to rub elbows in Hollywood
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Every president has had celebrity friends and supporters, but Obama has outright used Hollywood to try and get done what he needs. He’s made cameos, rubbed elbows and gained fundraising money from any star he could grab. Obama has been on every talk show he could grab a spot on. He even invaded the opening segment of Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Cosmos.’ His first term was bad, his second term is just overkill with his promotions.

If the government put the one billion dollars that they spent on advertising ObamaCare back into the system, healthcare costs could have been driven down even further. Instead, Obama is trying to be the cool and hip President, appealing to Millenials by appearing on Zach Galifaniakis‘ ‘Between Two Ferns.‘ a FunnyOrDie web series. According to The Washington post, of the 5.9 million viewers of the video, 19,000 conversions to the healthcare.giv site were made. Those numbers are still pretty sad.

According to new economic reports, about 15% of young people are unemployed. That’s Obama’s market to make his Affordable Care Act work. The problem besides unemployment, is that Millennials are underemployed, paying off massive amounts of student loan debt, all while the employer mandate to provide health insurance for employees was extended until 2015. Great. Millennials are in debt and going to be in further debt whether they take ObamaCare or not. Personally, my only option for a healthcare plan was to take a “catastrophic plan,” which would only be used in extreme emergencies because it had $150/month premium with a $5,000 deductible. State Farm gives me better health coverage with my car insurance.

While the 2012 election left women everywhere in relief, due to stupid comments made by Republicans, perhaps Governor Romney knew what he was doing with the healthcare thing, as Massachusetts was the first state in the Union to require employers to provide health insurance to their employees. Besides allowing people with preexisting conditions to actually get insurance, what is the Affordable Care Act accomplishing other than making Americans frustrated?

It’s time younger generations start seeing Barack Obama for who he really is- a washed up celebrity. He came in and swept the youth off their feet with his promises and ideas, and in the end has put many of us in a worse financial situation than we even started with. Barack Obama doesn’t care about the American youth’s progress, he simply cares about his own legacy- that he will not be seen as a failure. All the advertising and celebrity plugs in the world may not be able to fix that.

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