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Another Tibetan monk has self immolated

Self immolation of Lobsang Palden in Tibet
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Clearly the situation in Tibet remains very tense. A Tibetan monk has sel immolated in Ngaba as an act of final protest against feelings of being horribly oppressed under harsh Chinese rule, reported on March 16, 2014. A Tibetan monk of the Kirti monastery by the name of Kanyag Tsering has said a Tibetan monk set himself on fire in protest against China’s occupation of Tibet and its hard-line policies in the restive Ngaba region.

The protesting monk was named Khechok Palden. He was also known as Lobsang Palden. Palden was a monk of Kirti monastery who was in his early twenties. He set himself on fire at what is known as the Martyr’s Street in Ngaba town at around 11.30AM local time, today. Chinese police arrived quickly at the scene and after dousing the flames they took him away in a vehicle. It is not known if Palden is still alive.

Prior to setting himself on fire Palden had reportedly left a text message in his phone in which he prayed for his parents, family members, teachers and relatives. Palden also called for unity among Tibetans. The situation in Nagaba is now extremely tense with the local Chinese authorities having deployed a large number of armed security forces in the area. On this day protests began by Tibetans in Ngaba six years ago. At that time in 2008 several Tibetans died, were tortured or imprisoned. Tibet is again a very sad place to be today.

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