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Another take on the Bachmann - Palin rally (updated)

View of the crowd from the press pit in fron of the stage.
View of the crowd from the press pit in fron of the stage.

Tuesday's Michele Bachmann - Sarah Palin rally was an energized and well-attended event filled with music and a conservative message of individual responsibility, smaller government and military appreciation.

The Republican Party of Minnesota gave away over 10,000 tickets for the event in Hall D of the Minneapolis Convention Center. KTLK 100.3 's Chris Baker served as MC, and warmed up the crowd with his brand of conservative stand-up. Speakers included State Representative Kurt Zellers (the House Minority Leader), who rallied the crowd to work for a GOP majority for the next session. Senate Minority Leader Dave Senjem also spoke, as well as RPM Chair Tony Sutton.

Minnesota's other Republican congressional representatives, John Kline (MN-2) and Erik Paulsen (MN-3), hyped the work they do in Washington, and optimism for a national conservative victory in November. Official/unofficial presidential contender and current Governor Tim Pawlenty served as the final warm up for the main speakers. 

Michele Bachman (MN-6) seemed to start a bit slowly, but soon had the crowd buzzing with excitement for the main draw of the afternoon, Sarah Palin. Most of the crowd stuck around afterwords, as Fox News' Sean Hannity was there to tape his show at the event. Sean had a full compliment of Northern Conservative voices: Palin, Bachman, and Pawlenty.

Actual attendance is tough to judge. The crowd near the stage was packed in tight, and was thick for 1/2 to 2/3 the way to the back seating area (which was mostly filled). Two other sets of bleachers flanked the pit, both of them were filled to capacity. (I admit, I haven't tried to find out the capacity of Hall D; so I won't make an educated guess).


  • corrections 5 years ago

    The event was held on Wednesday, April 7, 2010.

    It's Michele Bachmann, not Bachman.

    You offered no additional information or insight from what everyone has already read for 2 days.

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