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Another Smart Meter hearing in Austin

North Texas libertarians: Mark Thursday, December 19 on your Freedom Calendars.

Thousands of people in Texas and around the world have been protesting Smart Meters for years.
Darin Howard/YouTube

Those who actually care about their continued loss of rights, freedom and personal security from the Government/Corporatist juggernaut are being asked to show up in big numbers at the Travis County Courthouse in Austin for another round of Anti Smart Meter Davids vs. the Mandatory Smart Meter Goliath.

The "David" is Devvy Kidd who filed a "Petition for Initiation of Rulemaking Procedings" with the "Goliath" Public Utilities Commission of Texas (PUCT)/Public Utilities Corporations in February 2012.

"Our appeal will be heard in Austin on December 19, 2013 at 9:00 am," announced Brandon Eby of the 9-12 Association, one of the many groups fighting the forced installation of digital electric meters on individual's homes and businesses throughout Texas.

"To my knowledge, this is the only Smart Meter legal challenge in Texas," Eby says.

His group has teamed up with Kidd who has spent years fighting for a full public hearing on all of the issues surrounding Smart Meters and especially against "the way the PUCT allowed the utilities to create a virtual mandate that was never allowed by law."

As for "the issues surrounding Smart Meters" opponents of have claimed a host of problems arising from the digital electric utility meters including health concerns, inaccurate readings, radio frequency interference with medical and other devices in their homes, and invasion of privacy.

Dallas Libertarian Examiner has been reporting on the Smart Meter controversy since March 2010. The bottom line for libertarians is this: Whether all of the outcry against Smart Meters and the Smart Grid is true, false or hysterical conspiracy theory ranting, it all comes down to a matter of individual choice and the right of people to opt out of the state's otherwise mandatory program for any reason.

The Location for the appeal is:

Heman Marion Sweatt Travis County Courthouse
1000 Guadalupe
Austin, TX 78701

Map and Directions

Meanwhile, a video from Take Back Your Power exposes a much bigger problem with the world's developing Smart Grid: "Through power grid modifications and smart meter installations, monopolistic forces are currently implementing a highly-hackable 'smart' system of wireless utility metering, monitoring, selling private data, and control of life in citizens' homes."

The video is "Take Back Your Power Film: Smart Grid And Smart Meters Exposed"

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