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Another reminder about bowling etiquette

Key rule of bowling:  Have fun!
Key rule of bowling: Have fun!
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One can never remind bowlers enough about bowling etiquette. With that in mind, here is an story about bowling manners that originally ran May 7, 2013.

Do you have a pet peeve about etiquette and courtesy when you bowl?

I have one.

When I release the ball at the foul line, oftentimes a bowler on an adjoining lane will thunder to my side and rifle his or her ball while I’m still tracking my shot and anticipating my upcoming pin action (or lack thereof).

It’s easy to get startled by such an ill-mannered bowler . . . and annoyed. Why can’t that bowler just wait a few seconds and allow me to watch my electrifying shot (thinking positively) before I triumphantly return to my seat?

The fact is that rudeness often prevails in a bowling house. It’s rarely intentional, but it can produce a disturbing moment or two.

On this same topic,, a nifty website that provides bowling tips, advice and other interesting data, came up with its list of nine bowling rules for etiquette and courtesy.

So here’s goes – the etiquette rules from

1 – The first rule in bowling is to never bother another bowler while they are in the process of bowling.

2 – Bowlers on the right-hand lane have the right-of-way to bowl first.

3 – Never pick up your ball from the return rack while another bowler is preparing to bowl and is in his/her starting position.

4 – Refrain from using obscenities or vulgar language.

5 – After your shot, let others bowl. In other words, don’t linger on the lane after your shot.

6 – Wear proper shoes.

7 – Keep food and other refreshments off of the approach.

8 – Remember, there are others waiting to bowl. In other words, don’t wander off aimlessly . . . or socialize too long when your turn is about to arrive.

9 – Above all else, have fun.

I’ll add Rule No. 10 to the list: Let the bowler next to you complete his or her turn and walk back to his or her seat before you start your approach.

Of course, it’s inevitable that some bowlers will slip up from time to time, so it’s important not to get flustered if someone violates one of these rules.

Remember, it’s just a game.

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