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Another reason to give Publix grocery stores a try

Publix UPromise key tag
Publix UPromise key tag

If you think your local Publix grocery store is a pricey alternative to the tried-and-true Kroger or H.G. Hill (if you can still find on e of these open in Middle TN!), think again. While Kroger does offer special deals with their Plus card, a discount for bringing your own bags and a discount on gasoline prices (if they also sell gas at your store), all things Publix does not offer, Publix offers several very enticing promotions of their own.

For starters, many antibiotics are free at the Publix pharmacy. Yes, free. This is very handy if you happen to have several kids who all get sick one right after the other, or a kiddo who gets recurrent ear infections. Also, Publix accepts competitor's coupons which they will allow you to stack with either their coupons or manufacturer coupons. These savings on top of their awesome Buy One, Get One Free deals can make for some serious savings. Finally, while they do not offer a savings card like Kroger's (anyone can get Publix weekly deals, ie. you don't have to remember your card to get them), Publix does offer a UPromise savings card. Simply present this card at checkout and all qualifying purchases will automatically be added to your UPromise account (which you need to set up separately but it is free to do so). As one of the managers at the Mt. Juliet Publix said, "It won't pay for college but it's better than nothing and you get extra coupons with each statement."

So next time you're heading out for a shopping trip think about stopping by your local Publix. This week they have BOGO's on Kellogg's cereal's and Pillsbury cookie dough. Oh, and they gladly carry out your groceries and load them in your car for you - great when you already have your hands full buckling up kiddies in car seats!

Note: I, nor anyone in my household, works for Publix. This is purely the opinion of a Publix and Kroger shopper.