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Another potential best seller from Tosca Lee, 'The Legend of Sheba'

The Legend of Sheba arriving September 9
Howard Books

Tosca Lee has done it again. This time reigning in the queen of Sheba in her latest, The Legend of Sheba: Rise of a Queen. The book is available for Pre-order and will release September 9, 2014. Are you excited yet?

Tosca brings even more excitement to the table. On August 18 and 25, she will be giving a Solomon and Sheba course over at First Plymouth Church Lincoln, Nebraska, and a book signing at the Lincoln, Nebraska's Barnes and Noble.

For all of you in Norfolk, Virginia, this next piece of news will hit you upside the head. Tosca Lee will be coming to Norfolk, Va for a book signing but details are to be announced. For more information on dates, times and courses please visit Tosca Lee at

The mystery surrounding queen of Sheba and what you as a reader should expect.

Yes, the queen of Sheba is mentioned in Scripture. Let's have a look:

When the queen of Sheba heard about the fame of Solomon and his relation to the name of the Lord, she came to test him with hard questions." 1 Kings 10:1NIV

She has heard all about Solomon's wisdom and when she tested him and saw nothing was hard for him to answer, she knew all that she heard in her country about him, was indeed true. She told Solomon all her mind(v.4-6)

What is even more stunning is the gorgeous image which will grace the cover of this book.

If you are a Tosca Lee fan, then you can probably expect there to be:

  • A historical backdrop that only she can imagine and bring to life with her clarifying research.
  • Biblical characters brought to life because, let's be frank. They are real.
  • A page turner and best seller.

At least, we can all hope. Tosca's track record is pretty good so far.

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