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Another page in the CMS budget saga

More budget cuts

School systems across the region have slashed budgets left and right…and Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools, as one of the largest in the country, is no exception. This week added a new chapter to what has been an ugly past six months of slashing positions and programs.

April Bethea reported mid-week in The Charlotte Observer that CMS will make $15.2 in additional cuts. Below are the new cuts:
• Field trips pared down.
• 16 building services positions, 15 middle school literacy coaches, and an unspecified amount of communications and HR jobs eliminated.
• Start times of Northwest School of the Arts and J.T. Williams Middle changed.
• Bus service for students “grandfathered” at old schools after attendance boundaries or a magnet program change ended.
• Extended day program at Billingsville Elementary ended.
• Budget money for Bright Beginnings program swapped for Federal Stimulus funds.

Money on the table
Gorman said the district still is waiting to hear how much it will receive in stabilization funds from the federal stimulus package, and still has some funds in its coffers thanks to money given by the city from old traffic light camera programs.


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