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Another one: HTC sets date for new 2014 HTC One launch

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Samsung's Galaxy S5 smartphone, its 2014 flagship phone, is expected to launch on Feb. 24, and on Tuesday, rival HTC began teasing its next flagship phone, along with a date for the introduction: Tuesday, March 25 (via The Verge).

The device will be named to confuse. It will reportedly be called the HTC One, just as last year's model was, meaning that retailers will have to label their displays with "2014" or "new." The 2013 HTC One was bad enough in that in 2012 HTC was touting its One X and One S devices.

As with the HTC One (2013) launch in February of last year, the event will be made simultaneously in London and New York City. HTC promises that the new phone will be its "primary flagship for 2014."

Typical of these things nowadays, numerous leaks have already occurred. The new One will be a refined version of the old One, potentially with a similar physical footprint, although a larger screen. It is also rumored to come with a dual-sensor camera.

Naturally, we'd be surprised if the new One didn't sport a new version of HTC's Sense UI layer atop Google's Android platform. There has already been one surprise, though: the date. It comes over a month after Samsung's introduction of the Galaxy S5 at Mobile World Congress, and that could cost HTC dearly.

HTC's invitation to journalists came on the same day that more details about that aforementioned Galaxy S5 were leaked. The device reportedly will ship with a long-rumored fingerprint reader, 3GB of RAM, a 16MP rear-facing camera, and a slightly upsized (from the GS4) 5.2-inch screen.


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