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Another obnoxious fundraising email from the RNC

Their latest tone deaf fundraising email proves the RNC doesn't get it
Their latest tone deaf fundraising email proves the RNC doesn't get it

Today my email inbox receives yet another completely tone deaf fundraising email from the RINOpublican National Committee. Not only do they simply not get, I think this one was actually designed to pi$$ of the recipients of this latest email solicitation for donations. The text of the email begins with, “Did you abandon the Republican Party?”

Today's email follows the completely tone deaf RNC email I got on June 30, signed by Karl Rove, that spoke of “The conservative principles you and I believe in” that the RNC and the Republican leadership undermines at every opportunity when they can advance progressive Republican issues and candidates over conservative ones.

The letter today starts by asking if I've abandoned the Republican Party. I stand consistently for conservative values and issues, and I don't squish just because I might think that same-sex marriage or other forms of perversion are becoming socially accepted. When the left makes it socially acceptable for one to be a pedophile I will remain against it. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, I haven't abandoned the Republican Party, but the Republican leadership has abandoned the principles and values we advocate. For a party leadership that wants to go completely Democrat Lite, because it believes it has to become more like the Democrats and support comprehensive amnesty reform in order to win elections, they have abandoned us by moving close to becoming clones of the liberal progressive party, the Democrats.

The email letter continues, “Chairman Priebus has written you already asking you to contribute and renew your membership. But we haven't received your financial support yet this year.” I wrote an open lettter last year, after you all in the leadership sat back and did nothing and watch a good Republican candidate for governor, Ken Cuccinelli, lose to the former Clinton fundraiser and political equivalent of a used car salesman (want to buy a “Greentech” toy car from him?), Terry McAuliffe. So you do absolutely nothing to help Cuccinelli win the governorship here, and you're still asking me to send you money? How much more clueless can the RNC leadership get?

The RINOpublican leadership got completely behind Thad Cochran in Mississippi, while he and the sleazy corrupt PACs that supported him, smeared a good Republican, Chris McDaniel, as a racist and suppressor of African-American votes, charges they knew were false and bogus, yet it would get African-American voters who usually vote for Democrats. This is no way to demonstrate support for the “conservative principles” you claim to believe in and on the basis of this bad behavior and poor choice expect me to give them money so they can undermine conservative principle and good Republican candidates, over bad ones, even more.

I”ll say it again, here. If the GOP wants us to support them again, and donate money when they solicit it, they need to consistently stand up for conservative principles and support real Republicans when they run against charlatans like Thad Cochran and then show your clear non-support for a good candidate like Ken Cuccinelli. If they want our support, they need to back to actually being Republicans again rather than trying to be Democrat Lite.

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