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Another Obama foreign policy victory: Libya in chaos, U.S. diplomats flee

Epic Fail
Epic FailPhoto by David McNew/Getty Images

Let us first review the last decade or so of events in the North African nation of Libya:

- In late 2003, after witnessing the overthrow of Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq by a U.S.-led coalition, Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was persuaded to voluntarily eliminate his country's WMD program. This program included chemical weapons, ballistic missiles, and efforts to develop nuclear weapons.

- Relations between Libya and the West quickly improved. The European Union (EU) lifted the last of its sanctions against Libya in 2004. The United States removed Libya from its list of state sponsors of terrorism in 2006. By 2010, Libya was actively assisting the EU in their efforts to stop African migrants from flooding into Southern Europe. Gaddafi remained a ruthless dictator, but the man once referred to as the "mad dog of the Middle East" by Ronald Reagan had been successfully defanged.

- In February 2011, the "Arab Spring" came to Libya. Gaddafi's attempts to suppress the uprising were unsuccessful, and by the end of the month Islamist rebels controlled large parts of the country, particularly in the east. Also in February, the United Nations (UN) implemented sanctions against Libya.

- In March, the UN Security Council declared a no-fly zone over Libya, which NATO began enforcing. NATO airstrikes killed members of Gaddafi's family and targeted his compound in the capital of Tripoli.

- President Obama ordered the U.S. military to take part in the bombing campaign without approval from the Congress, a direct violation of the U.S. Constitution and federal law. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton openly called for Gaddafi to be killed.

- In June, Amnesty International released a report stating that many of the alleged "atrocities" committed by the Gaddafi regime were actually fabrications of the Islamist rebels. Unfortunately, these fabrications were usually reported as objective fact by American and European news media.

- In October, an injured Gaddafi was captured by "rebels" who then proceeded to beat him, stab him in the anus, and finally execute him by shooting him in the stomach. Several dozen of his most loyal supporters, including his son, were also captured, tortured, and killed. In response to the news, Hillary Clinton cackled.

- In May of 2012, an al-Qaeda affiliate attacked the International Red Cross office in Benghazi, the country's second-largest city.

- In June, the British ambassador to Libya survived an assassination attempt in Benghazi. The British Foreign Office withdrew all consular staff from the city later that month.

- National elections in July were won by moderates. However, the central government remained weak and armed Islamist militias continued to operate openly.

- On September 11, 2012, al-Qaeda-linked Islamist terrorists attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, killing the American Ambassador and three other Americans. Members of the Obama administration - including the president himself - lied to the public about the attack, claiming for weeks that the terrorist attack was instead simply a spontaneous protest over a YouTube video.

- On October 16, 2012, a presidential debate took place between Republican nominee Mitt Romney and President Obama. During the debate, "moderator" Candy Crowley of CNN openly sided with the president when the subject of the Benghazi terrorist attack came up.

- In 2013, the government of Libya released data showing that the crime rate had skyrocketed, as general lawlessness prevails. Oil fields are being blockaded by armed militant groups, crippling the country's petroleum-dependent economy.

So, to summarize: The Obama administration has helped turn a fairly stable, semi-peaceful country into an anarchic nightmare rife with crime, terror, tribalism, and economic dislocation through the launching of an illegal war that sought regime change and ended up getting Americans killed, which they subsequently lied about.

Now on to today's news: "U.S. shutters embassy in Libya, evacuates staff to Tunisia as security deteriorates in Tripoli."

The United States shut down its embassy in Libya on Saturday and evacuated its diplomats to neighboring Tunisia under U.S. military escort amid a significant deterioration in security in Tripoli as fighting intensified between rival militias, the State Department said.

"Due to the ongoing violence resulting from clashes between Libyan militias in the immediate vicinity of the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, we have temporarily relocated all of our personnel out of Libya," spokeswoman Marie Harf said.

Should Tripoli fall and the already-weak government collapse, Libya will officially become a failed state, like Somalia.

Boy, it sure is nice to have a calm, cerebral president like Obama instead of that deranged idiot warmonger Bush, who blundered about the Muslim World toppling the governments of oil-rich nations with no real plan for nation building, while fueling Islamist terror and getting innocents killed in the process...