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Another Minnesotan dies fighting as an Islamic extremist

Douglas McCain
Douglas McCain
Hennepin County Sheriff's Department- free to the public

Officials from the state department have confirmed that a 33 year old man who died this weekend fighting in Syria was Minnesota native Douglas McAuthor McCain. Unfortunately, a Minnesota man dying while fighting for Islamic militants is nothing new, however previous converts to Islamic-fascism have been primarily lured to fight for al-Shabab in Somalia, while Douglas McCain was the first to fight for the Islamic State, aka ISIS, aka ISIL, aka IS, in Syria. For more information about IS, see the following link-

For more information about Minnesotans being recruited to fight jihad, see the following link-

McCain’s family members say that McCain converted to Islam about a decade ago, but say that they have a hard time believing that his views were that violent. However one of the factors that made it easy to identify McCain’s body was his distinctive neck tattoo, along with the passport that was found on his body. While McCain’s family denied his Islamic- militant views, other people who knew him have acknowledged that his postings on social media were becoming more and more extreme, and he had recently given himself the title of “Duale ThaslaveofAllah” on his Facebook site.

McCain also commented on his Facebook site that he had traveled to both Canada and Sweden last year. It is possible that he was getting training from extremists in those countries, or that he travelled there first to meet up with recruiters who then took him to training in other countries.

Relatives of McCain say that they spoke to him last Friday, and he said he was in Turkey. He was of course already in Syria and his name had already been added to a watch list in America. McCain and two other men were in the process of stalking a group of “Free Syrian Army Rebels” in the city of Marea when they were killed. It was also found that McCain had sent a tweet on June 9th to one of the members of The Islamic State, saying, “I’ll be joining you soon.”

McCain was born in Chicago and moved to the Twin City Metro area when he was in high school. He attended Robbinsdale Cooper high school for 4 years but did not graduate. McCain had also lived briefly in San Diego where he worked for a non-profit organization called “Dawah- Calling to Allah,” and attended the Masjid Nur Mosque on 50th Street.

While McCain lived in Minnesota, he had been arrested for Disorderly Conduct, Theft, Obstruction, Driving without a license, Giving Police False Information and Possession of Marijuana.

The National Security Council has issued a statement saying that they continue to try to fight this recruitment of young American men to jihad.

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