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Another Melaysian airliner goes down, flight 17 may have been shot down

Pentagon investigating crash of flight 17. Confirmed the flight is no longer in contact with control, and sources say it was shot down by a military style missle
Pentagon investigating crash of flight 17. Confirmed the flight is no longer in contact with control, and sources say it was shot down by a military style missle
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It is being reported that yet another Malaysian airliner, flight 17, has gone down in Ukraine near the Russian border. Reports are pointing to evidence that it was shot down. There was 295 people on board the bowing aircraft traveling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

Military intelligence is looking into the reports saying that the plane was shot down. It was flying at high altitude, and there is supposedly a video of the plane burning. There have been reports about activities like this in this volatile area of the world.

It is not clear how many Americans if any were on board. While details are very sketchy, details will be forthcoming on HLN and CNN as they become available. Investigations are ongoing, and whether they traveled into restricted airspace or not remains unclear. It is being said that is was on its routine flight plan, and it would have been much larger than enemy aircraft would have been.

At the moment it is believed that a Russian or Separatist high altitude missile may be the culprit in the bring down of the plane. Contact has been lost with the plane, and it was last known to have been flying at 32,000 feet.

It has not been made clear whether it was an accident or an intentional declaration inciting war at this time. The Pentagon and military intelligence in the area of the incident are scrambling to get answers saying the missiles used, if there was one used, would have to me military style.

If there were a shoot down from the Russians US surveillance may have picked that up. It is possible that Separatist are responsible for the plane crash. The cargo plane earlier this week was brought down by Russian fire. Again, the Pentagon is scrambling to confirm answers, and there was no mistaking that it was a passenger plane.

Again, these reports are in the early stages, some from unconfirmed sources. Please stay tuned to the above news channels for the most recent updates concerning Malaysian flight 17.

Click here to see the video which news personnel are trying to confirm is flight 17.

This is not going to fall under the jurisdiction of the FAA for investigations. President Obama has been briefed on the situation. He just announced new sanctions against Russia yesterday. It is expected that a statement will be released by the White House as soon as some reports are confirmed.


It is said that terrorists are responsiable for the bring down of the plane according to CNN: See crash site photos here: PHOTOS OF CRASHED FLIGHT 17

The UK is denying any involvement. A lot of reports are coming in, and it is all being sorted through as we speak. Americans are likely on the plane, and terrorism is suspected. It wont take long to have confirmed answers due to the intelligence in the area, and despite the theories conclusions cannot be jumped to yet. However, if it was no accident it could "be a game changer."

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