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Another large meteor hits Russia: space weather update

Just as 2014 started with a very near earth object (vNEO) being discovered less than 24 hours before it hit earth, on January 1, 2014, another unknown vNEO meteor of significant size exploded over Russia today on April 19, 2014 (See slideshow).

Newly discovered near earth objects hit earth.
Newly discovered near earth objects hit earth.
NASSA JPL, NASA-sponsored Catalina Sky Survey 2014
Метеорит над Мурманском 18-19 апреля 2014
Russian dash camera meteorite, Стас Траханов

It was in November of 2013, just last year, that three very large asteroids were newly discovered, two of which are in retrograde orbits (meaning traveling in the opposite direction of most known asteroid trajectory). One of these new large asteroids will pass by the earth in the future, and close enough to pose a "potentially hazardous" orbit, for now.

With the shear number and magnitude of known NEOs passing earth, along with recent surprising discoveries, policy makers around the globe are considering investing more time and funding in NEO identification, communication and mitigation strategies.