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Another JPM banker and Forex trader commits suicide

It has been reported by several sources that a JPM employee Li Junjie has jumped to his death from JPM headquarters in Hong Kong at the Charter House. This brings to three the number of JPM bankers who have committed suicide recently. Previously, Ryan Crane and Gabriel Magee had died under mysterious circumstances that the authorities quickly reported as suicide.

Both Crane and Magee are alleged to have known each other and had access to the same information, that is believed to be the reason for their deaths. The cause of Crane's death has not been announced pending toxicology testing. Magee is reported to have jumped to his death moments after telling his girl friend he would be home soon. All three JPM bankers had connections to Forex Trading.

If true, this would heighten the speculation and conspiracy theories, because many people in the banking industry believe a major scandal rivaling the LIBOR scandal is about to be uncovered involving Forex Fraud.

If a Forex scandal of major proportions does come to light it will heighten the credibility of a man calling himself V the Guerilla Economist who has been talking about a forth coming Forex scandal of major proportions.

V believes the bankers are not committing suicide but are on a hit list that contains some very big names. They are being hit because of what they know and are believed to be willing to tell investigators about the Forex Fraud scandal. As V stated"some big things are going down."

Forex fraud involves defrauding traders by convincing them that they can earn big returns by trading on the foreign exchange market when in fact it is a scam to defraud the traders.

A number of sources including George Soros believe a major crash of the world markets is near at hand. Soros has bet 1.3 billion that a crash is coming, this one much more catastrophic than 2008. Of course president Obama's Wall Street reform has done nothing to reign in the world's largest casino thus the financial industry has been a series of bubbles and busts with student loan debt being just the latest bubble.

As banker deaths mount it becomes harder and harder to believe all of them just decided to kill themselves because of job stress. There are just to many things that don't ad up.

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