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Another ironic parallel with the World Cup games

It occurs to me that the obvious lack of interest and even hostility to the World Cup soccer tournament in America is based on the simple fact that the United States does not dominate the games. There has also been a decline of interest in the Olympics as competing nations are turning out athletes who can beat the U. S. competitors.

I am quite old enough to remember when American athletes took a big majority of the Olympic gold medals, to the great satisfaction of the American viewing audience. Nowadays that is not a given; Russians have come to be the team to beat in figure skating, and African runners dominate track and field.

I have no particular interest in this, but aside from the predictable conservative nay-saying (they are against anything that the rest of us support), there is also a growing hostility towards events that do not turn on U. S. participation. This brings us to primitive Christian “missionaries,” as well as quasi-Christians like Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

What we used to see were earnest and cheerful preachers who directed their platitudes at the public in confidence that newcomers would line up at their sanctuaries, which quickly became commercial cathedrals attended by thousands. But they did not keep those thousands; scandals erupted until we all came to understand why the evangelical Church is obsessed with homosexuality and sexual excess. It is now obvious that the ministry of the evangelical Church is populated by homophobic, self-hating, closeted gay preachers.

The Catholic child-abuse scandal is also sinking deeper and deeper into the ranks of their clergy. First it was priests, then bishops who covered up, and now archbishops and cardinals are emerging as both abusers and enablers. Where the evangelical Church is filled with secretly-gay preachers, Catholicism is rife with priests who can’t live with celibacy, and probably never intended to.
Where are we to find clergy with sexual attitudes that we can classify as normal? The answer should be obvious: we will find normal men and women ministering in denominations that also have what we may call normal attitudes towards human sexuality.

Gay clergy live and marry openly in denominations that accord them spiritual equality; their lifestyles are subsumed into mainstream Christianity without much ado. But the self-hating gay clergy and the sexually-obsessed priests who pretend to be celibate cannot endure the lifestyles that are imposed on them. They can only pretend to.

And if you simply cannot get over the fact that the President is African-American, and you insist on voting Republican because you want them to get that black man out of the White House, you deserve what you are going to get if and when Republicans take control of Washington next year. Those of us who sit appalled at what we have voted for (voters’ remorse) or who are taken aback because we are obviously under attack will have one choice next year: like the former opponents of the war in Southeast Asia, we will be faced with one option, and that is to abandon the United States to those who want to take it over.

Those people were just as sure as the American soccer associations that they were going to barrel into the World Cup and walk away with it, in that those who preach their perverted version of evangelical Christianity that is in bed with the Republican Party thought they would sweep over America like a hurricane of righteousness. Neither of those things happened. They are now taking their last stand in the election of 2014. They will attempt to impeach President Obama after the election unless they are sent home as a clear message to every Senator to stop the madness.

When you see women and African Americans deprived of the right to vote, and every candidate is a corporate shill and the Democratic National Committee is up to their neck in competition for the money of billionaires instead of candidates who want to clean up the mess—well, the fat lady is singing, folks. The drama is just about over.

As you sit by and watch America become the Land of the Rich and the Home of the Poor, you can wonder how it could have happened. That is, you can ignore the threat now, don’t vote or vote Republican and then you can be appalled when it is too late. That is the story of the “good Germans” who were appalled by National Socialism and Hitler…when it was too late for Germany.

With the performance of the Supreme Court last week in stripping rights and safety from Americans, isn't it obvious that it is too late already? Last year they gutted the Voting Rights Act. How much does it take to awaken America from this racist coma?

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