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Another Human Barbie? Lolita Richi hopes to take Valeria Lukyanova’s spot

Lolita Richi appears to look more like Human Barbie than Valeria Lukyanova
Lolita Richi appears to look more like Human Barbie than Valeria Lukyanova
Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images

Being a Human Barbie has become a coveted spot in the world of beauty. First, it was Valeria Lukyanova and now a new Human Barbie has arrived on the scene and she is only 16 years old. Lolita Richi has offered up pictures of how she looks more like a Barbie doll and she insists that it is all natural. According to Hollywood Life on Saturday, the young model claims she has not had any surgery and her looks are all hers with the exception of her round contact lenses and a few wigs.

The verdict on who looks more like a Human Barbie is still out. The opportunity to understand why it is so important for any woman to look like a doll has people wanting more information, but even so the claims of no plastic surgery are tough to believe. Offering up over 20 photos to prove her looks, the woman poses to provide proof that give people different angles of her Barbie looks, but none reflect the typical pictures seen by Valeria Lukyanova.

The Ukrainian teenager has viewers intrigued on how she looks so much like the doll with a tiny waistline and the Barbie doll gaze, but Lolita claims she’s never dieted or had plastic surgery. Yet, she still could pass as the living form of the doll. Another odd point that applies for Valeria and Lilita is that both women come from Ukraine. This makes their claims of no surgery impossible to confirm and they seem to be almost unreachable when it comes to the world of modeling.

While nobody knows for sure if Lolita Richi is planning on sharing her looks with major magazines or is considering a world tour, someone definitely needs to go to Ukraine to see which woman looks more like a Human Barbie. Then we need to call Human Ken and arrange a date. It sounds like a reality show in the making!