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Another Hillary interview, more Hillary mistakes

It's clear from watching Fox News hosts Bret Baier and Greta van Susteren interview Hillary Clinton that Hillary isn't doing her presumptive presidential campaign any favors.

Hillary's first major unforced mistake came about 2 minutes into Greta van Susteren's questioning. Ms. van Susteren asked Hillary if she would've traded the Taliban 5 for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Secretary Clinton replied that she had worked on a different deal to free Sgt. Bergdahl. When Ms. van Susteren said that people were shocked that Hillary said the Taliban 5 didn't pose a threat to Americans, Hillary replied that "As long as they're in Qatar, they don't post a threat to Americans." Van Susteren replied, saying "Well, bin Laden was never in the United States."

Qatar isn't known for securing terrorists. Hillary's State Department had objections to Qatar:

The State Department’s concerns about Qatar’s supervision of released militants were detailed in a diplomatic cable dated February 2009 by the U.S. embassy in Doha, Qatar’s capital, citing the case of Jarallah al-Marri, a former Guantanamo detainee released to Qatar in July 2008.

In the cable, the U.S. embassy criticized Qatar for failing to follow through on promises to bar al Marri from leaving Qatar, noting he made two trips to Britain since his release from Guantanamo, and that during his second visit, in early 2009, British authorities arrested him.

The other major unforced mistake Hillary made came when Ms. van Susteren asked whether the US was "losing the gains it made in Iraq." Hillary replied "Too early to tell."

With the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, aka ISIS, controlling one-third of Iraq and a large part of Syria, it's safe to say that ISIS has retaken most of the gains made during the Surge and the Anbar Awakening. One map shows the territory now controlled by ISIS is the equivalent of them owning an area from northwestern Indiana to West Virginia.

ISIS now controls the major cities of Mosul, Fallujah, Tikrit and Ramadi. Add to that the fact that it's unlikely that the Obama administration will do anything militarily that would undo ISIS' gains. If you connect the dots, it's pretty apparent that the gains from the Surge have been lost.

Hillary would best be advised to finish out the interviews she's currently committed to but not accept anymore requests. At this point, she's the best thing going for Vice President Biden's campaign.

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