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Another Great Idea from the Obama Administration

Release Non-Violent Offenders from Federal Prisons
Release Non-Violent Offenders from Federal Prisons
Photo by Mark Wilson

The Obama Administration announced another great idea on April 23, 2014 that they believe will help to resolve the overcrowding issue in federal prisons. The Obama Administration supports early release from federal prisons for non-violent offenders.

Some citizens are concerned by this idea. Could this action could mean an overflow of unemployed non-violent felons roaming your community looking for opportunity?

Critics are saying that letting the Obama Administration flout Congress in this decision to take action without congressional approval is a choice that Democrats and the nation will soon regret.

Will this idea be similar to the Affordable Care Act when it rolled out, where nothing worked according to plans? Are there any planned projections to dispel the objections to the early release of convicted non-violent felons?

Does the Obama Administration know what the impact could be from releasing hundreds or thousands of non-violent offenders into communities across the United States?

We can trust that the Obama Administration has done its homework and conducted a thorough investigation and completed an in depth study to evaluate what the impact of this action will be on the nation.

The Federal Prison Industries in America have become big business in recent years with the United States leading the world in the number of imprisoned citizens. With so many of the imprisoned non-violent felons being minorities, will this early release plan of non-violent offenders have an impact on race relations?

Since felon-friendly employers are in short supply, many of these felons will probably just start a business of their own, using the skills they have developed from the intense training in prison, under the guidance of the Federal Prison Industries.

Society can trust that the Federal Prison Industries has rehabilitation as their primary goal and there is an effective system of rehabilitation in place that is designed to redirect these non-violent felons with the skills and knowledge necessary to transform them into productive and model citizens, ready to contribute to the growth and prosperity of any society, when they are released..

If, by some bizarre twist, these non-violent felons who are released from prison are unable to find suitable housing and unable to secure gainful employment, what will happen then?

Will they increase the number of homeless on the streets? Will they be eligible for welfare payments or food stamps? Will they return to a life of crime and graduate to being violent offenders?

It is true that there are innocent persons behind bars for crimes they did not commit. It is true that there are those who have been sentenced to punishment that is excessive for their offense.

Each case should be reviewed on its individual merits and suitable action should be determined by the courts.

The Obama Administration does not intend for there to be a blanket mandate of approvals for early release to all non-violent felons. To just open the flood gates would be unwise.

American citizens can trust that the Obama Administration knows what they are doing.

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