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Another good week of economic news for Patrick and Massachusetts (Part 2)


       Gov. Deval Patrick (D-MA)   (Public Domain)

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Massachusetts is in this situation and attained its high ranking from CNBC for one big reason, education. Not only is Massachusetts home to the best colleges and universities in the world, but now its public school system state-wide is second to none.

It's hard to complain, regardless of your politics on “best K-12 statewide school system in the country”. Many try to complain, or frame it as “overspending”; but Massachusetts public schools are the best in the country. 

This is the key to not only attracting new business to the Commonwealth, but also attracting families with kids to the Commonwealth; hence the population increase for the first time in forever. Massachusetts is vilified in some areas of the country via the same nonsensical diatribe as evidenced in the first paragraph of this article.

The fact that those “concerns” are completely non-nonsensical and unwarranted appear to be filtering out to “the people” at large, and account for the modest migration into Massachusetts.

There are parts of the CNBC rankings (as they breakdown by category) that Massachusetts is currently weak on that they are addressing, which should force their overall rank higher in years to come. First and foremost is “transportation”.

From all the stimulus-funded road projects to the CSX Freight Hub Expansion project into Worcester, to the state actively pursuing the South Coast Rail Line to raising bridges along with CSX to allow more freight in, to the Champion of Commuter Rail, Lt. Gov. Tim Murray, getting deal after deal done with CSX and expanding commuter rail not only now, but for years to come. This will eventually lower traffic, lessen emissions and reduce wear and tear on our over-taxed roadways.

The news is good for Massachusetts. It's important to keep the same leadership in place in order to make sure that continues. When your friends start regurgitating WTKK to you, any of these facts should suffice in forcing them to have nothing more to say. How can you argue against someone who has proven to do so many good things for Massachusetts; and the alternatives provide no alternative other than “I'm not that guy”.

Words matter, but even more so, results matter. Gov. Patrick, his administration and staff has gotten those results, and then some. The people of Massachusetts should remember that come this November.

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