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Another ‘Ghost Hunter’ leaves the team

Jason Hawes, Dave Tango and Steve Gonsalves of "Ghost Hunters"
Jason Hawes, Dave Tango and Steve Gonsalves of "Ghost Hunters"
courtesy of Syfy

As if the news that Adam Berry and Amy Bruni were leaving the “Ghost Hunters” team wasn’t enough, Britt Griffith just announced via Facebook and Twitter that he is leaving as well. Griffith has appeared on both “Ghost Hunters and “Ghost Hunters International.”

Fans can’t help but wonder who will be joining Jason Hawes, Dave Tango and Steve Gonsalves on future investigations. It was announced yesterday on Paranormal Pop Culture that former team members Dustin Pari and KJ McCormick would be returning to the show.

McCormick has continued to make guest appearances on the show from time to time as needed, but Pari hasn’t been on “Ghost Hunters” or “Ghost Hunters International” since 2010. While McCormick hasn’t posted anything about it, Pari posted today on Twitter, “Just so this is out there: I have much love for @amybruni and @adamjberry and I respect their decisions. I’m just going in to help out.”

With the recent departures of Berry, Bruni and Griffith, it leaves the fans to speculate about the future of the show. The new season that starts in October will feature the shows tenth anniversary and their 200th episode. The “Ghost Hunters” team is expected to be back filming new shows later this month.

Pilgrim Studios has put out a call casting for a show in the “Ghost Hunters” franchise, of which “Ghost Hunters” is the only show still in production. Interested paranormal investigators have until June 13 to apply for a position.

Fans have also speculated on what the departures mean for upcoming events with certain team members. Bruni put those fears to rest, at least for her events, with this statement on Facebook earlier today, “Yes, I will still be attending all scheduled appearances and am happy to book new ones! Please contact Ideal Event Management if you’d like me at your event!”

In his announcement, Griffith stated that he will continue to pursue producing and acting in feature films. During his time with the “Ghost Hunters’ franchise Griffith worked on several movies including “Black Dahlia Haunting,” “Dead Sea” and “House of Manson.”

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