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Another Florida jury disappoints another set of parents

Another African American family is dissatisfied that justice has been rendered completely in the senseless, baseless, vile murder of their innocent teenage son in yet another Florida town. Breaking overnight on Sunday, Feb. 16, the jury brought in a verdict in the “Loud Music Trial” in Jacksonville, Florida. CNN ran the headline “Dunn convicted of attempted murder; hung jury on murder in 'loud music' trial” on their website, Monday, Feb. 17, and many asked how Dunn could be charged for the attempted murder of three teens in the same vehicle with Jordan Davis who was killed, when the 17-year-old victim's death cannot be ruled as the actual murder which took place at that same exact time.

 Media source said this trial was part of Trayvon Martin
AP/Bob Mack

A jury found Michael Dunn, a 47-year-old white man, guilty of three counts of second-degree murder on the night before what would have been Jordan Davis' 19th birthday. Dunn is looking at 60 years or more in prison on those charges.

Lucia McBath, Jordan's mother, responded to the verdict, “I will pray for him [Dunn] … but we are so grateful for the charges that have been brought against him. We are so grateful for the truth.”

Her ex-husband and Jordan's father, Ron Davis, told reporters after the verdict, “My son will never be just another day at the office where [Dunn] can leave the scene and be stoic.

“It wasn't allowed to be said in the courtroom, but he was a good kid ... There are a lot of good kids out there … and they should have a voice. They shouldn't live in fear and walk around the streets worrying ... if someone has a problem with somebody else — that if they are shot, it is just collateral damage.”

State prosecutor, Angela Corey, told news sources that she would seek a re-trial on the murder charge against Dunn. Jordan's mom said she and his dad would continue to stand up for their murdered 17-year-old son and continue to “wait for justice for Jordan.”

CNN described the case and circumstances surrounding it as being similar to another Florida case recently in the nation's eye, saying that, however, the Dunn trial ended “vastly different” from the Zimmerman trial. USA Today said this trial was part of Trayvon Martin, going into explicit detail, highlighting valid points, and recanting vital testimony in Dunn's trial. The country has not put Trayvon Martin's murder and the heartbreaking ordeal suffered by his parents out of its mind less than a year later.

ABC News' Ryan Owens reported about the jury's verdict in the trial on the November 23, 2012 murder of an unarmed youth in the parking lot of a Florida convenience store on Good Morning America, Sunday, “they [the jury] deliberated for more than 30 hours. But, the bottom line is their final result feels like justice for nobody.”

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