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Another endless Summer on SD model boat pond

Time at the model boat pond comes often for a San Diego Argonaut.
Time at the model boat pond comes often for a San Diego Argonaut.
Adam Benjamin

San DIegans can watch sail boats fly across a full water length in minutes. Any Saturday. The San Diego Argonauts spend their lesiure time sailing the fun kinds of boats. Model Santa Barbara class and International One Meter sail boats.

Skippers find the smooth waters in the Saturday winds on the Model Boat Pond in the middle of Mission Bay Park, off Ingraham Street. The hobbyists work on enjoying the same "common interest," boating. But, no one hides from a little competition.

Monthly, spectators can stan don the green grass near the pond, and watch the scaled down boats race. Last weekend, the Santa Barbara class boats hit the open waters on the Sunday race day. Club Sail's Mid-Summer Regatta gave the skippers the opportunity to prove who had the best skill in the wind.

The regular trips around the pond taken by warships and fishing trawlers happen during Saturday morning ship modelers guild get togethers. The Saturday sail races line up the top rank sailors.

The club's Sail Divison, one of three divisions in the club, in the past, proved fit to win National Championships,

Races in the Mission Bay Pond are a longstanding tradition. The City of San Diego built the model boat pond in the mid 1900s. It is used only for model boating. Like it was originally deigned to be used.

At the start, the City Schools in San Diego used the waters in the big pond to compete against each other. The plan? Build model boats. And, take a lap around the pond faster than the other school.

San Diego's radio controlled model boat club says, today, boats on the pond are "marvels of hi-tech building technology." What does it take to build the fastest sail boat? "Space age materials." Carbon fiber. And, mylar. The same things the fast big sail boats on Mission Bay are made of.

Plain hobbies enjoyed in the city's warm weather can set standards. The San Diego Argonauts never stop sailing.

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