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Another decaying political hack plays the race card

Joe Newby, Policy & Issues Examiner, posted an article Friday with this headline:

The multicultural Modern Family TV show is fictional but America is full of real such families. Must be hard for the Schumer Shysters to keep finding racists and bigots.
abc tv

"Chuck Schumer blames Tea Party racism for failure to pass amnesty"

The liberal/progressive obsession with racism just won't die.

The time is long past when the old phony slight-of-mouth blathering racism gimmick has not only become utterly ineffective but is just plain bothersome, boring, and embarrassing.

Playing the race card utterly, totally, spectacularly jumped the shark long before the end of the last century but these old mainstream status quo partyarch dinosaur political plodders just never got the #Stupid post.

All over the middle and Southern parts of America in small towns and farms where they seem to be absolutely invisible to the groupthink zeitgeisty metrosexual liberal/progressive/Marxists who infest the trendy parts of our major cities there live millions upon millions of good, sincere conservative people who drive the Meals on Wheels vehicles, tithe to the churches that support the orphanages and women's shelters, teach their children not to hit, bully or lie, and take covered dishes to neighbors who are sick.

There are actually millions upon millions of good, sincere liberal people in these same regions who do similar good works in their communities but they too are apparently invisible to the bicoastal condo crowd of collectivists.

But according to the Progressive Catechism all who live in Fly-Over Country are conservatives, meaning they're all Tea Party participants, meaning they're all racist.

It's just so much easier to paste labels on people and spit out hate speech than it is to treat individuals as individuals.

It seems to be utterly lost on the multitude of Chuck Shumers that virtually every family in the country today are more Modern Family than the "Modern Family" TV show.

Nearly everyone is part of an extended family that includes a white husband or a black wife or a Mexican uncle or a gay son or a Japanese Republican lesbian living with her atheist libertarian partner. Throw in a transsexual here, a Buddhist there and you get a fairly accurate cross section of today's American family.

They're not even called mixed marriages or interracial couples or gay unions any more. They're just called "family."

So where in hell is all this racism coming from?

It's coming from old decaying, out-of-touch, past their sell-by-date mainstream political hacks who think a hashtag is a tic tac toe game.

Schumer is a shuck-and-jivin' race baiter.

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