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Another Danish zoo giraffe named Marius may be euthanized

Now a giraffe also named Marius may be killed at the Jyllands Park Zoo.
Now a giraffe also named Marius may be killed at the Jyllands Park Zoo.
Vince Caligiuri/Getty Images

Marius is a seven-year-old healthy giraffe from the Danish Jyllands Park Zoo, and his future is also hanging by a thread if the zoo procures a certain female giraffe to use as part of their breeding program reports Wednesday's USA Today.

The zookeeper Janni Lojtved Poulsen said she would have no problem killing Marius if ordered to do so.

"We are completely behind Copenhagen and would have done the same," stated Poulsen.

Apparently Marius' genes are not compatible with the zoo's breeding program. The female giraffe is planned to be mated with a different male giraffe. Both male giraffes would fight if left in the same area with a female.

Last week's decision to euthanize the first giraffe named Marius caused a worldwide stir among animal lovers and humane advocates. Even scientists wondered why Marius couldn't have been transferred to another facility.

"How utterly sad it is to think these Danish zoos have no regard or respect for life. It is so tragic that a giraffe, with all of his beauty and majesty who deserves to live, and these zookeepers just kill perfectly healthy animals," stated Bonnie Catherton of Boston, Mass.

According to Fox News, Animal Rights Sweden stated:

"It is no secret that animals are killed when there is no longer space, or if the animals don't have genes that are interesting enough. The only way to stop this is to not visit zoos."

Maybe it is time to stop visiting zoos.

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