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Another Component To Illness

There are times when a person feels alone. When they look around and most people they know have a special someone they try to understand why they don't. Love is the other component that adds to illness. It is very strong, because when person does not have it they are lost. Not having love can cause depression, illness, and restlessness. If a person does not have love for a long period of time, it is even worse.

Love comes in many forms, it can be family, children, friends, or that special person. If a person does not have any of these they cannot relate to love, and be toxic. Kind of like modified behavior. As a teacher, they modify positive social interaction. In return the child modifies the same behavior. If a parent shows love to a child most likely the child will return the love to others. However, if a child is constantly being abused that behavior can also be returned to others, such as their own child, or spouse. When you have a special love the world feels complete. But if you do not have anyone for a long period of time, it is an awful feeling. Questions why can I not have that special someone. This can result an illness. It is said a broken heart cannot be mended. What is broke is broke.

If a person wakes up day after day, year after year alone. How can they feel good? How can they feel like they belong? What is the purpose to be happy, mentally stable, and healthy? Nothing. A person needs to feel like they belong, if there is nothing to hold on to then there is nothing to fight for. There is a lot of sadness, emptiness, and bad feelings. If one has an illness there is really nothing to hold on to, so they become sicker, more depressed, and weaker.

Written by,

Cheryl A Nocera